AMBER Speaks

Get to know your partners in the AMBER Alert Network

Photo of members of the Not Invisible Act Commission shown with Jolene Hardesty, far right.

Faces: A Shining Light

Following her service on the Not Invisible Act Commission, Michigan’s Jolene Hardesty is dedicated to bringing Native American partners to the table as ‘advisors and equals.’

Photo of Dr. Noelle Hunter with her daughter, Maayimuna “Muna”

Faces: Alabama Mother is Champion for Change

After years of advocacy—and fighting to get her daughter home safely from Mali, West Africa—Dr. Noelle Hunter is turning to research to further highlight the harrowing issue of international parental child abduction

Faces of the AMBER Alert: New Jersey

Lieutenant Stacie Lick, with the Gloucester County Prosecutors Office in New Jersey, has served as her county’s Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Coordinator since 2008. That year she helped create her state’s first CART – assembling its specialized resources and personnel while devising its policies and procedures that, 14 years later, have become a model for CARTs across the country.

Web Exclusive: Playing by the Rules Pays Off

Following procedure and ensuring documentation during the high-profile Autumn Pasquale case safeguarded a New Jersey Child Abduction Response Team (CART) from wrongdoing after its first deployment

Image of US Department of Justice web page recognizing the 2021 National Missing Children's Day Awardees

Commemorating the 38th National Missing Children’s Day

May 25, 2021: As we come together today as a Nation to commemorate the 38th National Missing Children’s Day, we do so virtually, which we have become accustomed to over the last year. While the world has adapted to social distancing, working from home and communicating virtually, our front-line workers have continued to work diligently […]

Screen shot of video feature for the 32nd annual candlelight vigil, national police week 2020

Recognizing Service and Protection for Tribal Communities: 2020 National Police Week

During this 2020 National Police Week, we wish to thank each of you for your service and sacrifice on behalf of the tribal communities across the United States. During these unprecedented times you have stayed strong, placing yourselves on the front lines, facing the dangers of the corona virus while protecting our children and our […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: New Hampshire

Sara Hennessey has been the New Hampshire AMBER Alert Coordinator since September 2012, and began her service with the New Hampshire State Police as a trooper in 1998. Hennessey is a sergeant in the agency’s Major Crime Unit and commands the Family Services Division. Her husband John is also a commander with the New Hampshire […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Michigan

Jolene Hardesty: Michigan Missing Persons Clearinghouse Manager She fights to help missing and abducted children–and the fight is never over Jolene Hardesty has been the Missing Persons Clearinghouse manager for Michigan since 2017. She has been involved in law enforcement for 18 years and started as a police dispatcher because she thought “it would be […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Michigan

Sarah Krebs: Michigan AMBER Alert Coordinator She never gives up in making sure missing and abducted children are found Sarah Krebs has been the Michigan AMBER Alert Coordinator since 2014. At that time, she also served as the Missing Persons Clearinghouse Manager and the Unidentified Remains Manager, which have since been reorganized into three different […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Ohio

Brent Currence is the Education Coordinator for the Ohio Missing Persons Unit and serves on the Ohio AMBER Alert Steering Committee.  He is also an Associate for the National Criminal Justice Training Center of Fox Valley Technical College. Currence retired as a Trooper and helped create the screen for dispatchers and local law enforcement officers […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Montana

Jennifer Viets has been the Montana AMBER Alert Coordinator since 2012. She has been the state’s Missing Persons Clearinghouse Manager since 2009. Viets started as a training officer for Montana’s Criminal Justice Information Network in 1994. She also worked as a 911 public safety dispatcher and supervisor for five years. WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT YOUR […]

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Louisiana

Stacey Pearson has been with the Louisiana State Police for 18 years and works out of Lafayette. She has been the manager of the Louisiana Clearinghouse for Missing and Exploited Children (LACMEC) since 2012 and the state AMBER Alert Coordinator since January 2015. Pearson is a third generation law enforcement officer, and has served as […]

Shea Reliford

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Indiana

Shea Reliford has overseen the Indiana Clearinghouse for Missing Children & Missing Endangered Adults since September 2016. He is also a First Sergeant with the Office of Intelligence and Investigative Technologies and serves as the Administrative Officer for the Indiana Intelligence Fusion Center. He began his career with the Indiana State Police in 2006. Previous […]

Nicole Morrell

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Massachusetts

Nicole Morell has worked for the Massachusetts State Police for 21 years and became the state’s AMBER Alert coordinator in 2007. Sergeant Morell also worked with the Missing Persons Clearinghouse for three years. She previously worked as a detective for the Worcester County State Police Detective Unit and investigated major crimes, including the disappearance and […]

Craig Burge

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Illinois

Craig Burge works for the Illinois State Police (ISP). He has been the state AMBER Alert Coordinator and Missing Person Clearinghouse Manager since 2011. He started his career with the ISP working on sex offender registration and management. His experience with providing sex offender information with the legislature and the public prepared him in his […]

Margie Quin

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Tennessee

Margie Quin was promoted in 2007 to Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) which included duties as the state AMBER Alert Coordinator and Missing Person Clearinghouse Manager. She also began working on human trafficking cases in 2010. Quinn specialized in electronic surveillance for drug cases when she started with […]

Janet Turnbull in Mexico

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Mexico

Janet Turnbull is doing her best to make sure borders never get in the way of finding an abducted child. Since 2013 she has been working in Mexico City, Mexico, as a legal advisor for the U.S. Department of Justice, Criminal Division, Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development and Training (OPDAT). Her focus is on human […]