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Live, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual)

  • Real-time interactive training
  • Participate during scheduled dates/times
  • Collaborate with instructors and participants via webcam and mic
  • Certificate of Completion (full attendance required)
Online training

‘On Demand’

  • Available anytime 24/7
  • Work at your own pace
  • Narrated instruction, scenarios, video, and downloadable resources
  • Certificates of Completion (released once all activity is completed)
Onsite training


  • Classroom/onsite training
  • Scheduled trainings open for registration
  • Request training courses be brought to your area
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  • Resources from AATTAP and its partners for:
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Family and Community
  • Child Protection and Advocacy Professionals
HRV 10/11/22

Response to At-Risk Missing & High-Risk Endangered Missing Children | Oct. 11, 2022

"I liked that the case study had interesting twists and turns. It was good practice for such a real-life event."
"Thanks for emphasizing the skills needed to identify and help sex-trafficking victims."

Counselor speaking to troubled female teen
S&C 10/3-4/22

Search & Canvass Operations in Child Abduction Cases
Hybrid Training | Oct. 3-4, 2022

"This was a high-energy, information-packed presentation on what can be a dry subject. I would sit through it again!"

K9 handler and his search dog
IRST 10/4/22

Initial Response Strategies & Tactics When Responding to Missing Children | Oct. 4, 2022

"Hearing the emotional impact of the family member's experience was powerful. This perspective is often lost in the bigger picture."
"Discussing how law enforcement needs to be more empathetic was very impactful. Too often officers become emotionally detached during a case as a coping mechanism."

California Highway Patrol
IRST 9/20/22

Initial Response Strategies & Tactics for Responding to Missing Children | Sept. 20, 2022

"The course inspired us to pay more attention to what's going on around us. We also need to ensure our SOPs are up to date – and have a handy list of outside resources so we're not scrambling when these events occur."

California Highway Patrol
CATE 9/13/22

Child Abduction Tabletop Exercise (CATE) | Sept. 13, 2022

"The instructor was facilitative and made the training thought-provoking. There was great information on search parameters involving missing children."
"I enjoyed networking with other law enforcement officers and discovering the resources available to us."

Participants listening to female instructor in a classroom.
UMPIC 7/26-28/22

Unresolved Missing Person Cases in Indian Country
Live, Virtual Instructor-Led Training | July 26-28, 2022

"There was so much information covered in three days and I was engaged the entire time! The instructors were knowledgeable and personable."
"The training had me think outside the box – to look at a case from a different perspective."

Shiprock New Mexico


WHAT OUR TRAINING OFFERS: Learning and development to improve the response of local, regional, state, and tribal law enforcement and other child protection professionals when children are missing, abducted and sexually exploited or trafficked.

OUR GOAL: To help you increase collaboration, improve skills, and develop effective policies and best practices to protect and safely recover endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.

HOW TRAINING IS DELIVERED: AMBER Alert onsite/classroom training courses can be hosted by local, regional, state and tribal law enforcement training academies, agencies, or organizations.AMBER Alert on demand/online training is available 24/7 for self-paced work from any internet-enabled device.  We encourage you to collaborate with your law enforcement, public safety and non-profit partners to identify your training needs and bring training to your community. 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: We can work with you to identify and assess problems, evaluate and address them, and develop or deliver training and/or resources to resolve them. Technical assistance can cover anything from review and improvement of policy and procedures, development of policy and related operational resources, and other customized approaches to improving your agency, team or jurisdiction's readiness and capacity to respond to cases of endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.