Training & Resources

Live, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual)

  • Real-time interactive training
  • Participate during scheduled dates/times
  • Collaborate with instructors and participants via webcam and mic
  • Certificate of Completion (full attendance required)
Online training

‘On Demand’

  • Available anytime 24/7
  • Work at your own pace
  • Narrated instruction, scenarios, video, and downloadable resources
  • Certificates of Completion (released once all activity is completed)
Onsite training


  • Temporarily suspended due to Covid-19 restrictions
  • Watch this site for updates
  • Scheduled trainings open for registration
  • Request training courses be brought to your area
Stack of training books


  • Resources from AATTAP and its partners for:
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Family and Community
  • Child Protection and Advocacy Professionals
Testimonial 1

"The breakout sessions were excellent and the polls were also a good way to keep people engaged."
"The presenters were very passionate about subject area and brought in their experiences."

Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children Incidents
- Nov. 9, 2021

California Highway Patrol
Testimonial 2

"The training was engaging and each session had valuable insights with ways to apply the knowledge in the variety of positions represented by participants."
"All of the trainers were provided very useful and helpful information. They were skilled and knowledgeable in their fields and this was evident in the expert level content matter that was delivered."


Response to At‐Risk Missing and High Risk Endangered Missing Children
-Nov. 4, 2021

California Highway Patrol
Testimonial 3

"The breadth of the training was remarkable. It was expertly taught and despite the massive amount that I learned I didn't feel overwhelmed. Really great job!"
"Very great to hear from the side of a victim advocate. When it comes to Indian Country, I feel that they are most crucial to ensure we are meeting the cultural needs of the family."

Missing Child Investigations in Indian Country
November 1‐4, 2021

California Highway Patrol
Testimonial 4

"Terrific. Very knowledgeable. Experienced prosecutors and experts who are passionate about these serious crimes."
"I liked the organized manner in which the materials were formatted, the clearly communicated lessons and real-world examples from the instructors’ past experience."


Prosecutor Strategies for Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Cases
- October 27, 2021

California Highway Patrol
Testimonial 5

"I liked the comprehensive approach. So often law enforcement topics are covered as solely process oriented, but I think the full‐view perspective really makes a longer and more meaningful educational impression."
"The subject matter was covered in‐depth, presented from many angles; not just law enforcement related."

AMBER Alert Activation Best Practices – Southern Border Initiative
- October 18, 2021

California Highway Patrol
Testimonial 6

"The speakers were well versed in the subject matter and provided great resources."
"I appreciated the online availability and learned a lot in a very specific area of law enforcement."
"The breakout sessions were a great tool."

Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children Incidents – Southern Border Initiative
- October 14, 2021

California Highway Patrol


WHAT OUR TRAINING OFFERS: Learning and development to improve the response of local, regional, state, and tribal law enforcement and other child protection professionals when children are missing, abducted and sexually exploited or trafficked.

OUR GOAL: To help you increase collaboration, improve skills, and develop effective policies and best practices to protect and safely recover endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.

HOW TRAINING IS DELIVERED: AMBER Alert onsite/classroom training courses can be hosted by local, regional, state and tribal law enforcement training academies, agencies, or organizations.AMBER Alert on demand/online training is available 24/7 for self-paced work from any internet-enabled device.  We encourage you to collaborate with your law enforcement, public safety and non-profit partners to identify your training needs and bring training to your community. 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: We can work with you to identify and assess problems, evaluate and address them, and develop or deliver training and/or resources to resolve them. Technical assistance can cover anything from review and improvement of policy and procedures, development of policy and related operational resources, and other customized approaches to improving your agency, team or jurisdiction's readiness and capacity to respond to cases of endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.