Training & Resources

Live, Instructor-Led Training (Virtual)

  • Real-time interactive training
  • Participate during scheduled dates/times
  • Collaborate with instructors and participants via webcam and mic
  • Certificate of Completion (full attendance required)
Online training

‘On Demand’

  • Available anytime 24/7
  • Work at your own pace
  • Narrated instruction, scenarios, video, and downloadable resources
  • Certificates of Completion (released once all activity is completed)
Onsite training


  • Classroom/onsite training
  • Scheduled trainings open for registration
  • Request training courses be brought to your area
Stack of training books


  • Resources from AATTAP and its partners for:
  • Criminal Justice Professionals
  • Family and Community
  • Child Protection and Advocacy Professionals
IRST 6/8/22

Initial Response Strategies and Tactics When Responding to Missing Children Incidents | June 8, 2022

I appreciated that the course gave practical and specific information and exemplified real cases.
The course's clear instruction of procedure will help us to implement a community response plan, and communicate more effectively to law enforcement. I will recommend this training to officers!

California Highway Patrol
AAABP 4-26-22

AMBER Alert Activation Best Practices
Live, Virtual Instructor-Led Training | May 24, 2022

I liked the real world, practical examples delivered by professionals who work in this area specifically - every single day.
The training was engaging and informative! I liked finding out about the different tools and systems to get endangered missing and abducted alerts out to the public.

California Highway Patrol
R-HRV 5/20/22

Response to At-Risk Missing & High Risk Endangered Missing Children
Live, Virtual Instructor-Led Training | May 20, 2022

I enjoyed all of it -- the speakers and the facilitators. All presented their respective topics well. Amazing set of lecturers! Learned a lot!
I liked that the training had group discussions where people from other agencies were able to talk and work together.

California Highway Patrol
AAABP 5/12/22

AMBER Alert Activation Best Practices
Live, Instructor-Led Virtual Training | May 12, 2022

I liked getting different viewpoints of different alert systems in other states, what did/didn’t
work from them, and tools others are using I had not heard about.
The presenters were very engaging! I did not realize all of the programs that are involved with AMBER Alerts.

California Highway Patrol
PROS 5/10/22

Prosecutor Strategies for Child Sex Trafficking & Exploitation Cases
Live, Instructor-Led Virtual Training | May 10, 2022

I really appreciated the different ways to work with the victim, and also about the jury selection
process. There were a few questions brought up I didn’t think about, and I plan to use this new information in the future.
I appreciated the breakout sessions. I was able to learn from others who were more experienced in the area and what the approach is to these cases in other parts of the country.

California Highway Patrol
UMPC-IC 5/9-11/22

Unresolved Missing Person Cases in Indian Country
Live, Instructor-Led Virtual Training | May 9-11, 2022

I thoroughly enjoyed this training. The instructors were top-notch and subject experts in the field. Although the course was online, the instructors made it feel like classroom training because of their level of engagement. Definitely looking forward to future courses.
The instructors were professional, humorous, very responsive to questions, and through their experience in this field were incredibly knowledgeable. Two of the best presenters I have seen in a while.

California Highway Patrol


WHAT OUR TRAINING OFFERS: Learning and development to improve the response of local, regional, state, and tribal law enforcement and other child protection professionals when children are missing, abducted and sexually exploited or trafficked.

OUR GOAL: To help you increase collaboration, improve skills, and develop effective policies and best practices to protect and safely recover endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.

HOW TRAINING IS DELIVERED: AMBER Alert onsite/classroom training courses can be hosted by local, regional, state and tribal law enforcement training academies, agencies, or organizations.AMBER Alert on demand/online training is available 24/7 for self-paced work from any internet-enabled device.  We encourage you to collaborate with your law enforcement, public safety and non-profit partners to identify your training needs and bring training to your community. 

TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE: We can work with you to identify and assess problems, evaluate and address them, and develop or deliver training and/or resources to resolve them. Technical assistance can cover anything from review and improvement of policy and procedures, development of policy and related operational resources, and other customized approaches to improving your agency, team or jurisdiction's readiness and capacity to respond to cases of endangered, missing, abducted and exploited children.