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The AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program is proud to bring you a growing array of online training courses and modules spanning a wide range of child protection topics. AMBER Alert is a program within the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) at Fox Valley Technical College (FVTC)  which administers training and technical assistance.

You can view complete information on any online offering you see here; just use the buttons below to open the course's information on the NCJTC website. There you will:

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    • The Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog is for law enforcement, law enforcement support, social workers, victim service providers, child serving professionals, prosecutors, and other criminal justice professionals. You will also have access to all of the standard content from the Community catalog.
    • The Community Training Catalog is for child serving organizations, non criminal-justice tribes/tribal partners, community leaders, educators, court system personnel, community members/leaders, and other members of the public that will help address community concerns.
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    • Simply click the course title to enter it and then work at any time 24/7, at your own pace.

AMBER Alert's On Demand Online Training

CART Commander Online Training (CART-COMM)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

This course covers important considerations regarding: Protocol development and management; development and use of Memoranda of Understanding; CART composition; training, including the development and use of tabletop exercises and field scenarios; CART certification standards; and a case study which integrates all topics covered in consideration of effective CART leadership.

Child Abduction Response Team Training for New Members (CART-NM)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

Understand the roles, functions and critical capacities provided by CARTs in missing and abducted child cases. Examine key components and action items for operational readiness of the CART in order to provide rapid, effective and comprehensive response. Gain perspective on the impact of CART programs and how to prepare new members for his/her role and responsibilities on the team.

Child Sex Trafficking: An Introduction to Law Enforcement Response (CST-Intro)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

This course covers important considerations regarding dynamics of the victim, the trafficker and the process of interviewing; and provides an introduction to the scope, scale and nature of problem of Child Sex Trafficking, and how patrol and investigative officers can effectively respond.

Investigative Strategies for Child Abduction Cases Online – (ISCAC-Online)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

Represents an online version of the onsite ISCAC classroom training and is designed to provide law enforcement investigators and investigative supervisors with the information necessary to properly understand, recognize, and investigate cases involving missing and abducted children.

Patrol First Response for Missing and Abducted Children (PATMAC)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

Provide tools and training to patrol and first responding officers who promote swift and decisive responses in the early stages of missing and abducted children cases.

Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children (TELMAC)

Criminal Justice Professionals Catalog | eLearning

Learn telecommunications best practices for supporting swift and decisive responses in the critical, early stages of incidents involving missing and abducted children.

Effectively Communicating with Families of Missing or Abducted Children

National Judicial College for Judges and Prosecutors | eLearning

A 1-hour self-study course created by the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program,  in collaboration with the National Judicial College, and is designed to guide judges in improving the outcomes and experiences for victims and family members who must navigate the justice system as a result of the crimes to which they've been exposed.

On Demand Online Training for Tribal Child Protection

NOTE: If you are employed by a criminal justice agency, please register for the CJ Professionals catalog. Even though this course is part of the Community Training catalog, it is also available in the CJ Professionals catalog under the Standard Content area for those who work in criminal justice roles.  If you do not work for a criminal justice agency, you can access this course by registering for the Community Training catalog in its Exclusive Content area.

Building AMBER Alert Programs in Indian Country: Key Components and Strategy

Community Training Catalog | eLearning

Designed to provide child protection personnel working with Native American and Alaskan Native communities with an understanding of historical and ongoing efforts to establish AMBER Alert systems in Indian Country and to offer careful consideration of the key components needed to implement a successful child abduction recovery strategy in communities. This is a one-hour self-directed course.

Law Enforcement & Community Response: Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation in Indian Country

Community Training Catalog | eLearning

Provides child protection personnel in Indian Country with information on child sex trafficking and exploitation, and supports community awareness in identifying and reporting these crimes. Outreach, training and law enforcement response are covered to support safe recovery of victims, interdiction of these crimes, and offender prosecution.