About CART Certification

AATTAP’s Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Certification Program works to assist local, Tribal, and state jurisdictions in the creation and implementation of CART Programs. Leading subject matter experts, practitioners, policymakers, and other child protection specialists have developed operational standards of excellence and evidence-based best practices related to the recovery of missing children. These professionals have worked with the U.S. DOJ and AATTAP to develop the certification process and criteria for jurisdictions to voluntarily seek an opportunity to demonstrate CART policy, procedures, and continuous improvement strategies that meet 47 standards of compliance for operational readiness.

The CART certification process culminates in a rigorous practical field exercise that is observed and evaluated by a team of trained professionals who can attest to a CART program’s ability to rapidly and effectively deploy, work as a team with specialized resources, and maintain critical documentation and equipment in response to an endangered missing or abducted child incident.

CART Certification Manual and Agency Guide

First-Time Application for CART Certification (for uncertified CARTs)

Recertification Application (for currently-certified CARTs)

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