Florida Department of Law Enforcement Annual CART Conference: December 10-12, 2018

Dear fellow CART Partners:

Over the last several years, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has held an annual conference to bring together stakeholders involved in responding to and investigating crimes against children with one particular focus being the utilization of CART resources. 

The 2018 conference will take place in Orlando, FL,  for three days running from December 10-12, 2018.  This year we wanted to reach out nationally and provide an opportunity to those of you on other teams outside the state of Florida to present at the 2018 conference. 

If there is a case study from your jurisdiction or other unique topic that you believe would be interesting and beneficial, we would like to hear about it and potentially have someone come and present it to our Florida law enforcement community.  

Thank you for consideration and, as always,  let’s keep vigilant in our efforts to successfully bring the children home safely.   

Please refer all questions or comments to:

FDLE Inspector Brett Lycett at brettlycett@fdle.state.fl.us