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The Importance of CART Training: A Family Perspective

Gain a family's perspective on the importance of Child Abduction Response Team training. David Smither will share his experience of losing his own sister to a serial offender, in a small town that was unprepared to deal with such a catastrophe. Having witnessed first-hand his own community’s lack of preparedness, and subsequently growing up in close proximity to missing children’s cases through his family’s nonprofit, the Laura Recovery Center Foundation, David has a unique perspective on the importance of disaster preparedness. This presentation will combine a high level introduction to CART (and related training resources) with a powerful personal testimony of the impact of the abduction of a child on a family’s life.

Boys - The Forgotten Sex Trafficking Victims

This webinar highlights the current system response to young boys victimized through child sex trafficking, demonstrates how boys are trafficked, and discusses the profiles of the traffickers and buyers. Participants can use this information to consider current challenges and next steps toward addressing these challenges for an effective response.

AMBER Alert in Indian Country

Participants will gain an understanding of the Ashlynne Mike AMBER Alert in Indian Country Act of 2018 and the ongoing efforts by the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program (AATTAP) to support the implementation of this Act. During this webinar, participants will learn from past child abduction and exploitation events on tribal lands and the challenges facing tribes in protecting children; review best practices for collaborating with the state AMBER Alert program to bring AMBER Alert to Indian Country, and discuss current resources available for through AATTAP.

Global Perspectives on Missing Children

This webinar provides participants the opportunity to learn how missing children issues are addressed around the world, the importance of multi-stakeholder approach, and gain an insight on the available resources for international child abductions.

Sex Trafficking in Hawaii: Stories of Survivors

The purpose of this webinar is to present the findings of Part II of a series of studies on sex trafficking in Hawaii. This study explores the experiences of 22 victims of sex trafficking in Hawaii. Information presented will include their experiences of childhood maltreatment, recruitment into sex trafficking, violence, sex buyers, descriptions of the sex traffickers, and the structural barriers to providing necessary prevention and intervention to victims of sex trafficking in Hawaii.

Missing and Abducted College Students

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the viewer to the vulnerability of college students as potential targets of abductions and of being a missing person. It will be specifically targeting campus law enforcement, campus administrators, and other campus stakeholders as the intended audience. The webinar will focus on three case studies which are the basis for federal law. The webinar will also discuss obstacles to reporting and investigating cases of missing persons as well as initial steps in the investigative process. The impact to Institutions of Higher Education and ways in which to encourage preventative education and “target hardening” will also be explored.

Project STARFISH: Sex Trafficking Awareness for Schools

This webinar will provide the participants with information regarding a specific school-focused sex trafficking awareness website. The information presented will include a review of current awareness programs for school aged youth and details about the development and use of this website, "". Examples of sample policies for schools and tools for key members of school communities will be included.

Prosecuting Sex Traffickers: Trial Preparation

This webinar is designed to assist prosecutors and investigators who are preparing child sex trafficking cases for trial. We will discuss preparing a case for trial, charging decisions, expert witnesses, and defense strategies. Trafficking cases require thorough case preparation of complex evidence. Analyzing potential charges early in the case allows for the collection of evidence and the consideration of what witnesses are required. Expert witnesses are necessary to help the jury understand both pimp subculture and victim issues. Anticipating defense strategies helps prosecutors stay focused on their case to achieve a successful prosecution.

Prosecuting Sex Traffickers: Strategies for Witnesses in Child Sex Trafficking and Exploitation Cases

During this webinar, you will learn how to prepare child sex trafficking cases for trial and how to effectively work with witnesses, including issues of delayed disclosure and complicity. Working with victims, witnesses, and accomplices requires an understanding of the recovery process and bridging gaps with people who have little trust for law enforcement or the prosecution process.

2017 Youth Experiences Survey: Studying Homeless Youth and their Experiences with Human Trafficking

Gather information regarding the risks and resiliencies of homeless young adults (ages 18 to 25) with a specific focus on sex and labor trafficking experiences. Learn about the issues facing homeless young adults including their medical and mental health needs, family relationships, and childhood maltreatment. Leverage new knowledge about sex and/or labor trafficking experiences of homeless young adults in Arizona.

Child Abduction Response Team (CART) Overview

Thinking of starting a Child Abduction Response Team (CART) in your jurisdiction? Learn how building a CART can assist in the search and recovery of an abducted or endangered child. During this webinar, you will learn about the guidelines for developing, implementing, and sustaining a CART program within your community, and examine the CART certification process for agencies and CART programs pursuing formal certification.

Partners and Resources During an AMBER Alert

When activating an AMBER Alert, the investigating agency relies upon their partners and stakeholders to share the abducted child's information to the public and assist in locating the child. During this webinar, you will learn about the multiple partners, stakeholder groups, and resources available to law enforcement during the AMBER Alert activation process and how they may be able to assist.

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