Sarah Krebs

Region 3 Liaison, AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program

Sarah Krebs has over twenty years of law enforcement experience, most of which was focused on the protection of children. She is the former AMBER Alert State Coordinator and Missing Children’s Clearinghouse Manager for the state of Michigan.  Sarah worked child abductions, sex-trafficking, violent crimes, organized crime, and headed the Missing Persons Unit for the Michigan State Police.  She is the president and founder of Missing in Michigan, a non-profit that assists the families of missing persons and work together with law enforcement and the media to bring loved ones home. Sarah has worked thousands of missing children cases throughout her career and comes to us with a plethora of experience in child sex-trafficking.  She garnered world honors when was awarded the prestigious “40 Under 40” Award from the International Association of Chiefs of Police, for her work in matching missing persons cases to unidentified remains across the country, giving hundreds of families answers in their cold cases.