Patrol First Responder Checklist

The Patrol First Responder Checklist provides information to promote accurate and effective response to reports of endangered missing and abducted children for first responding officers. The preliminary decisions made, and actions taken during the initial response have a profound impact on the outcome of the investigation. Patrol first responders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with this checklist in a proactive manner, rather than in the midst of an endangered missing or abducted child incident.

DISCLAIMER: Please download these checklists as a PDF to your local device in order to maximize full capability and security. These checklists are a resource to guide the process of a missing child incident and are not meant to replace or supersede any local, state or federal policies or procedures that might exist for your jurisdiction. These checklists are meant to be a tool. Use of this resource does not entail liability on the part of Fox Valley Technical College or affiliated organizations.

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SELF-PACED ONLINE TRAINING WITH THIS CHECKLIST: If you are interested in taking a self-paced online module that walks you step by step through this checklist, using a fictitious missing child scenario, click below to learn more about (and register if you choose) that 1-hour offering .

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