AMBER Advocate – Spring 2017

Spring 2017

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This issue of The AMBER Advocate deals with the question of why and AMBER Alert may never be issued. Plus, meet more AMBER Alert partners and see the action from the Front Lines

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Why an AMBER Alert May Never Be Issued

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A yearlong study on sex trafficking in Las Vegas found the majority of victims were teenagers under the threat of violence from their perpetrators---and more than half of all underage victims were never reported missing. The results of the study have broad implications for the AMBER Alert program because law enforcement and others may never be notified for many abducted children in extreme danger.

Margie Quin

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Tennessee

Margie Quin was promoted in 2007 to Assistant Special Agent in Charge at the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) which included duties as the state AMBER Alert Coordinator and Missing Person Clearinghouse Manager. She also began working on human trafficking cases in 2010. Quinn specialized in electronic surveillance for drug cases when she started with TBI in 1998. Prior to joining TBI, Quinn served for 5 years with the Cobb County, Georgia, Police Department...

Craig Burge

Faces of the AMBER Alert Network: Illinois

Craig Burge works for the Illinois State Police (ISP). He has been the state AMBER Alert Coordinator and Missing Person Clearinghouse Manager since 2011. He started his career with the ISP working on sex offender registration and management. His experience with providing sex offender information with the legislature and the public prepared him in his mission to promote child safety...

Charlmaine Wilson

On the Front Lines: Maryland

A mother was carrying groceries into her home when a teenager jumped into her white SUV and sped off. The vehicle was running, the keys were still in the ignition and her 11-month son was still strapped in his car seat. The Baltimore, Maryland, Police Department got the call at 1:30 p.m. on October 26, 2016...

Old hands

AMBER Alert International - Spring 2017

From Canada to Malta this look at AMBER Alert news from the international community covers global efforts to expand the AMBER Alert program and protect children around the world...

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AMBER Alert in Indian Country - Spring 2017

Tribal child protection symposium scheduled in North Dakota...

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AMBER Alert Briefs - Spring 2017

Short News Clips on AMBER Alert & Child Protection Issues...