AMBER Advocate — Issues 3 & 4, 2023

In this issue:

Our special double issue offers an in-depth look at the issues most important to the eight parents of missing children who helped us create the new multimedia Fifth Edition of When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide. It not only highlights their advice for other parents navigating chaos, but also what law enforcement can learn from their experiences. And we spotlight the new memoir of one of the Guide’s parent-authors, Patty Wetterling (Dear Jacob: A Mother’s Journey of Hope). Patty is a longtime advocate for missing children and who has advised countless law enforcement officers on how to best work with families of missing children. We also talk with Chitimacha Tribal Police Chief Jada Breaux of Louisiana. And we look at a complex case, spanning from New York to Mexico, that was resolved by quick and effective collaboration.

Woman holding copy of the new "Family Survival Guide"

Eight parent-authors want families of missing children to know 'you are not alone.' They also ask law enforcement to 'hear our truth.'

Photo of Jacob Wetterling in the hands of his mother

The new memoir of Patty Wetterling—one of our eight Family Survival Guide parent-authors—reflects on the loss of her son, Jacob. It's been called 'a must-read for anyone working on unsolved abduction cases.'

The parent-authors shared advice for searching parents and law enforcement during video filming sessions earlier this year in Salt Lake City.

Learn about the eight parents who helped us update the new multimedia fifth edition of When Your Child Is Missing: A Family Survival Guide.

Unidentifiable man seated at computer screen that reads: "What should law enforcement understand about family needs and expectations when responding to missing child reports?"

The Family Survival Guide parent-authors—and subject matter experts who work daily to protect children—want law enforcement to weigh these points when working cases involving missing children.

Photo showing blurred images of walking college students

The swift action to locate a missing New York college student, who was found unharmed in Mexico, proves the importance of connections and collaboration.

Portrait of Chitimacha Tribal Nation Police Chief Jada Breaux of Louisiana

The new Chitimacha Tribal Police Chief is looking out for children in Louisiana's Indian Country.

Photo of young woman being recovered safe during the U.S. Marshals' "Operation We Will Find You"

Short news posts about AMBER Alert & child protection issues—from the United States

Image of poster promoting new "Feather Alert" in California

Short news posts about about AMBER Alert & child protection issues—from Indian Country

Image of poster from Missing Child Kenya's "Have You Seen Me?" campaign

Short news posts about about AMBER Alert & child protection issues—from around the world