AMBER Advocate – Issue 3 2021

ISSUE 3 2021

In This Issue:

The third 2021 issue of the AMBER Advocate highlights the 2021 National Missing Children’s Day and the remembrances which continue to inspire law enforcement and communities around the globe to join in the important work of bringing missing and abducted children home.

On the front lines of AMBER Alert, read about the safe recovery of an abducted child in which swift and excellent coordination between the St. Joseph Police Department and Missouri Highway Patrol resulted in the issuance of an AMBER Alert within 14 minutes of initial request, and the abductor’s surrender of himself and the child just 47 minutes later.

Also on the front lines, learn how Washington State’s Homeward Bound Program is working with the trucking industry to increase awareness and identification efforts around the state’s missing children.

Meet the other amazing leader in Maryland’s AMBER Alert Coordination team, Deborah Flory, who’s 25-year career with the Maryland State Police and work with that state’s AMBER Alert program since 2003 have proven her relentless dedication to safely recovering missing and abducted children and supporting their families through these terrible experiences.

And finally, read briefs from the U.S. and other countries around the globe for highlights on child protection and public alerting efforts underway.

Missing Children’s Day is celebrated in the U.S. and around the globe. Annual remembrance reminds everyone to join the fight to bring missing and abducted children home.

Suspect in armed child abduction turns himself in after quick work by Missouri AMBER Alert partners

Missing child notifications on the move: Washington semi-trucks feature girl who vanished 18 years ago

Maryland AMBER Alert Co-coordinators team up to save abducted children
“Nothing is more rewarding than helping missing and endangered children”

News clips and information on child protection efforts from around the world.

Child protection news clips from around the country.