AMBER Advocate – Issue 4 2020

ISSUE 4 2020

In This Issue:

The fourth and final issue of 2020 features California's efforts to increase the effectiveness of the state's AMBER Alerts, and brings you a harrowing story of Georgia's August 2020 rescue of a kidnapped infant through swift response by law enforcement and the issuance of an AMBER Alert. Read about the Pennsylvania CART program's work to strengthen operational readiness through the use of comprehensive tabletop exercises, and meet Montana's AMBER Alert Coordinator Brian Frost, who works tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve in his state's missing child recovery efforts. The issue also brings you important updates on AMBER Alert in Indian Country, as well as state and international briefs.

In October 2018, California AMBER Alert Co-Coordinator Ed Bertola recognized the California Highway Patrol (CHP) was in a bind. He had been working for months to improve the state’s AMBER Alert plan, but he did not have everything up as anticipated, and the changes the CHP had made had not been tested. However, when California saw three AMBER Alerts within 24 hours; a decision had to be made to go forward with what was in place.

Two Frontlines stories featuring AMBER Alerts in Georgia and Pennsylvania.

Montana’s Brian Frost pushes to stay “ahead of the curve” to find missing and abducted children.

Child protection news clips from Indian Country.

Child protection news clips from around the country.

News clips and information on child protection efforts from around the world.