AMBER Advocate – Issue IV 2018


In This Issue:

The latest issue of The AMBER Advocate features the TELMAC course and the importance of training Law Enforcement First Responders. Meet an AMBER Alert Partner from New Hampshire. Learn how an Ohio AMBER Alert brought a child home safely.

How the Telecommunications Best Practices for Missing and Abducted Children course (TELMAC) promotes readiness from the first report of an endangered, missing, or abducted child.

Meet the New Hampshire AMBER Alert Coordinator and learn about how her experiences and collaboration with other law enforcement and child protection professionals drives her commitment to saving children.

Tribal leaders, law enforcement, and child protection advocates came together in Fort McDowell, Arizona at the inaugural session of what will be a series of collaborative training and technical assistance events under the new Ashlynne Mike AMBER Alert in Indian Country Law.

Ohio AMBER Alert prevents child from being taken to Las Vegas by hitchhiking grandma.

Child protection news clips from around the country.

News clips and information on child protection from around the world.