AMBER Advocate — Issue 1 2023

In this issue:

The first AMBER Advocate issue of 2023 features an array of new AATTAP training opportunities now in gear-ones we've dubbed "By You, For You," since they're driven by valuable input from law enforcement and child protection professionals from around the U.S. and in Indian Country. We also spotlight a case involving a Utah teen abducted from his home from a fellow social gamer-an accused sexual predator, twice his age, who drove him 800 miles before a good Samaritan alerted authorities in Nebraska. Next we talk with AATTAP Region One Liaison Joan Collins, a law enforcement veteran who shares the secret to good communication and morale. And we round out the issue with missing child­related news certain to educate and inspire.

Date 2023

With your input, a compelling mix of relevant and valuable learning experiences are in gear this year.

Photo of Utah mom hugging her son after his recovery by law enforcement.

A Utah boy is lured from home by a fellow gamer—an adult accused of being a sexual predator.

Joan Collins is all smiles upon retiring after 28 years’ service with the Rhode Island State Police. She joined AATTAP shortly afterward. Photo: Facebook

AATTAP Region One Liason Joan Collins says “keeping children safe represents my perfect day.”

Child ID kits in Florida

Short news posts about AMBER Alert & child protection issues—from the U.S.

Mother with photo of "disappeared" son in Mexico

Short news posts about about AMBER Alert & child protection issues—from around the world