AMBER Alert International – Issue 2 2022

Short News Clips on AMBER Alert and Child Protection Issues from Around the World

Serbia joins AMBER Alert Europe

The Republic of Serbia signed a Memorandum of Understanding on February 24, 2022, with AMBER Alert Europe to help the country improve efforts to find missing and abducted children. AMBER Alert Europe now has 43 members. “You can never be sure enough you have done everything you could to save your youngest and dearest; the initiative of AMBER Alert is precious, valuable and important,” said Aleksander Vulin, Serbia Minister of the Interior.

Canada tests its public alerting system

Canada tested Alert Ready, the country’s public alerting system, on May 4, 2022, during its Emergency Preparedness Week. The system is used for AMBER Alerts and other life-threatening emergencies such as tornadoes and wildfires. The test message was sent to television, radio, and compatible wireless devices. Canada regularly tests the system to confirm proper operation and create optimal preparedness in case of a real emergency.

Students and police investigators from 14 countries work on cold cases involving missing children and child homicides

More than 60 British university students joined Australia’s Murdoch University and police agencies from 14 countries to work on six cold cases involving missing children and child homicides. The four-month effort was part of the third International Cold Case Analysis Project (ICCAP). The students’ findings led detectives to further investigate one of the cases; and last year, the project prompted investigators to exhume the body of “Gentleman John Doe” – helping identify an unknown man buried 30 years ago.