AMBER Alert International – Issue 4 2021

Short News Clips on AMBER Alert and Child Protection Issues from Around the World

Netherlands will continue using AMBER Alerts

The Dutch National Police agreed to continue using AMBER Alerts after earlier announcing it would use another alerting system. In April 2021, Netherlands was going to switch to using the Burgernet system for child abduction alerts. In September, the Dutch National Police signed an agreement to take over issuing the alerts from AMBER Alert in Europe. Netherlands was an early adopter of AMBER Alerts in 2008 and has pioneered innovative ways to notify the public about abducted children. The Dutch AMBER Alert system has been deployed 1042 times. In 94% of the cases, the child was found alive and well.

Slovenia hosts 26 countries at conference on missing persons

An international conference in Slovenia offered tips and best practices for finding missing persons in August 2021. The Slovenian police, Police Expert Network on Missing Persons and AMBER Alert Europe organized the conference that included participants from 26 countries. Slovenian Minister of Interior Aleš Hojs said searching and investigating missing person cases is a top priority for Slovenia and the EU—especially for vulnerable populations like children and the elderly.

Pakistan centralizes child abuse monitoring

Punjab police in Pakistan is launching its own Zainab Alert app to monitor cases involving missing, disappeared or abducted children. The app is being developed because the country has not made significant progress with its AMBER Alert system. The system will still follow the pattern of the AMBER Alert program to notify the public and law enforcement agencies when a child is abducted.

Canadian police train on emergency alert system after mass shooting

Prince Edward Island (PEI) police in Canada are training to make sure they are prepared to use Alert Ready, Canada’s emergency alert system. The system delivers emergency notifications through radio and television bulletins as well as text messages. In the past only Emergency Management Office (EMO) officials could issue alerts but now police will able to use it. The change comes after an increase of incidents, including the 2020 mass shooting in Nova Scotia.

AMBER Alert Europe and European Parliament highlight children’s rights

AMBER Alert Europe is joining the European Parliament Intergroup on Children’s Rights to put children’s rights at the top of the EU agenda. The organizations created a manifesto to protect children’s rights. “No child must be left behind,” said Frank Hoen, AMBER Alert Europe founder and chairman. “With AMBER Alert Europe, the Intergroup will speak with a louder voice to protect the rights of the most vulnerable, in particular missing children.”