AMBER Alert International – Issue 3 2021

Short News Clips on AMBER Alert and Child Protection Issues from Around the World

Lawmakers in Netherlands want to keep AMBER Alert program instead of new system

A majority of parliamentary members in the Netherlands support keeping AMBER Alerts for child abduction notifications instead of adopting a new program called the Burgernet system. The lawmakers passed a motion in June 2021 to stop the change scheduled for July 22. Burgernet is being used by local police for suspects wanted in urgent criminal investigations and government officials say it is cheaper than the AMBER Alert program.

“AMBER Alert has been a success for years. It has enormous reach, great results and works internationally. There’s no reason to throw it away so abruptly,” said Joost Eerdmans, co-sponsor of the motion.

The Bahamas is closer to having a child abduction alert

The Bahamian government signed a contract in May 2021 with a technology company to help send a “Marco Alert,” which will be used in child abductions like an AMBER Alert. The alert is named after Marco Archer who was murdered after he went to buy candy in September 2011. “The billboards are only here in New Providence,” said Minister of National Security Marvin Dames. “This contract will give us the ability to communicate cross country via cell phone…”

Some Canadians worry emergency alerts for pandemic will decrease effectiveness of AMBER Alerts

Thousands of Alberta, Canada, residents are speaking out against using the emergency alert for COVID-19 health measures because it may cause people to stop paying attention to other emergencies like AMBER Alerts.

“I totally thought it was an AMBER Alert, I was panicked for whatever child was in danger and that was kind of my initial reaction to it,” said Kimberly Roy.

Government officials say the alerts are needed to prevent further spread of the virus during the worst pandemic in this lifetime.

British university to join international cold case project

The University of Winchester in Great Britain will have students help a network overseen by AMBER Alert Europe in its forensic investigations. The Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP) will work with the university and Locate International to analyze cold cases.

Canadian police receive threat over AMBER Alert

Law enforcement officials in Ontario, Canada, received an angry and threatening message after an AMBER Alert was issued for a missing 11-year-old. The child was found safe, but an expletive-filled message was sent to the Niagara Police Department’s social media inbox which took issue with the 4 a.m. alert. The department also received many messages of support in response to those who were angered by being awakened from the alert.