AMBER Alert International – Issue 4 2020

Short News Clips on AMBER Alert & Child Protection Issues from Around the World

International 1

Dutch food delivery workers also provide help during AMBER Alerts

Food delivery workers in the Netherlands are now helping find missing and abducted children. Deliveroo meal deliverers are taking part in a national campaign called “Ride to Find,” and will look out for missing children after receiving an AMBER Alert on their work app. The deliverers will also have missing person posters on their delivery bags.

International 2

Australian lottery once again bets on helping missing children

Golden Casket, part of Australia’s official lottery, donated AU$300,000 to an organization dedicated to help victims of crime and missing persons. The Daniel Marcombe Foundation helps victims but also offers child safety programs and events. The lottery also sends AMBER Alerts to more than 900 retail outlets in Queensland.

International 3

Finnish police joins missing persons network

The Finnish National Police has officially joined AMBER Alert Europe’s Police Expert Network on Missing Persons (PEN-MP). Finland joins more than 70 police experts from 24 countries working on missing person cases. PEN-MP was established to bring law enforcement officers from different countries together to recover missing persons quicker and more effectively. 

International 4

AMBER Alert Europe webinar attracts multi-national participation

AMBER Alert Europe attracted 50 law enforcement professionals from 22 countries to a webinar entitled, “Save the Missing Person First, Solve the Crime Later.” The September 30, 2020, webinar discussed weighing priories between pursuing a prosecution and finding a missing person.