Materials Use by AATTAP – Contributor Authorization/Release Form

Materials Use by AATTAP - Contributor Authorization/Release Form

For use by agencies/organizations and/or individual contributors to authorize AATTAP's use of content for training and resource purposes. You must complete one form per file submitted.

Please review and indicate your agreement with the following conditions/statements of use authorization before completing and submitting this form.

I hereby authorize the AMBER Alert Training and Technical Assistance Program (AATTAP) to utilize the following agency and/or organization content for training and/or illustrative purposes as indicated below. *
I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the appropriate agency/organizational attribution is contained within the file I am submitting for use, and that such attribution can be in the form of header, footer, watermark, or in the case of image files, an alt tag which provides information on the image’s contents. *
I acknowledge I am responsible for ensuring any/all personal information or otherwise sensitive information is removed from any file submitted to AATTAP for use. *
I understand that I may request removal/withdraw of the asset provided by contacting AATTAP at, and including my full contact information, role/title and organization/agency information, and the file name of the content to be removed. *
I acknowledge that I have full permission/release from any/all individuals depicted in any image/graphic I am submitting. *
I acknowledge I and/or the agency/organization I represent owns this content and/or has full authorization for use, including sharing with AATTAP for training/illustrative purposes. *
I understand that my authorization is effective from the date of this form submission and will remain in effect unless/until I or my authorized designee requests removal/discontinuation of use by AATTAP. *
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